Factelier food

MADE IN JAPANへのこだわりを反映したフード事業のためのパッケージとブランドロゴをデザイン。

Designed packaging and brand logo for the food business that reflects the company’s commitment to MADE IN JAPAN.

「語れるもので日々を豊かに」をコンセプにトMADE IN JAPANにこだわり、日本全国から厳選した工場と直接連携をしてオリジナルのアパレル商品を販売するブランド「Factelier(ファクトリエ)」。ショールームでサンプルを展示、来店者に商品を試着体験してもらい、その後はオンラインで購入し納品をする、というショールーミングビジネスを展開。


その後、飲食事業を縮小することになったため、契約期間内にロゴデザイン、ホームページのリニューアルを提案。ロゴデザインは、MADE IN JAPANにこだわり日本の職人やものづくりの技術を守るというブランドのコンセプトを反映し、日本の国旗をモチーフに日の丸の赤をアクセントにデザイン。また新素材を使用したTシャツの商品開発化へのアドバイス、新ロゴを配したパッケージデザインなどを手がけました。

Design reflecting the brand’s commitment to MADE IN JAPAN

Factelier” is a brand that sells original apparel products through direct collaboration with carefully selected factories throughout Japan, based on the concept of “enriching daily life with things that speak for themselves. The company is developing a showrooming business in which samples are displayed in the showroom, visitors try on the products, and then purchase and delivery is made online.

In developing the food business, we entered into a consulting advisory contract with our food and beverage business, 8ablish. Later, they decided to downsize their food and beverage business, so we proposed a logo design and website renewal within the contract period.

The logo design reflected the brand’s concept of adhering to MADE IN JAPAN and preserving Japanese craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques, and was designed using the Japanese flag as a motif with the red of the rising sun as an accent. We also provided advice on the development of T-shirt products using new materials, and designed packaging with the new logo.


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