Renewal of the label of Kochi’s famous sake “Bijofu”.




ラベルのリニューアル後、国内外での売上がさらに向上。なかでもパリでのブランド認知度の高まりとともに、2023年、ユニクロパリで発売予定のグラフィック T シャツブランド「UT」のデザインに、川村明子のイラストによる美丈夫 吟醸 秋酒のラベルに描いた猫の図柄が採用されました。

Sake labels expressing gratitude for the blessings of nature in Kochi

Hamakawa Shoten, a sake brewery founded in 1904 in Kochi, produces 1,500 koku per year, making “Bijofu” one of the most popular brands in Kochi.

We redesigned the label to reflect the idea of contributing to the local community with delicious sake made from Tosa’s natural bounty of water and rice, and also designed the online store site to match.

The concept was drafted based on the head of the brewery’s desire to give back to the local community and his gratitude for the local blessings, which he attributes to Kochi’s abundant natural resources, and his ability to produce high quality sake amidst the recent global sake boom and strong business performance. The concept was expressed through photographs and illustrations of Kochi’s beautiful sea and mountains.

Since then, sales have further increased both domestically and internationally. In particular, as the brand’s recognition grew in Paris, Akiko Kawamura’s cat design on the label of Bijou Ginjo Autumn Sake was chosen for the “UT” T-shirt design to be launched at UNIQLO Paris in 2023.





The theme of this space is “Japandi,” an interior style that mixes Japanese and Scandinavian elements, and is a harmony of Japanese and Western styles. The basic design, which is loved beyond time, is based on elegant colors with the warmth of wood, masterpiece chairs and lights, and environmentally friendly and sustainable furniture. The windows are fitted with shoji screens, a modern interpretation of Japanese tradition.

In addition to the direction of beautiful visuals, the website production includes extensive content that introduces the restaurant’s commitment to ingredients and cuisine. We also focused on functional aspects such as a reservation system, online store, and bilingual settings, and implemented PR strategies such as social networking operations.

The company also designs product planning and packaging for merchandising. The packaging uses organic and warm color tones and graphics that correspond with the interior design.

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